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Where NPEC has been cited - 2015

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Dec 30, 2015 NPEC Executive Director cited by The Nation, a Pakistani daily newspaper, in "Indian Nuclear Program – A global migraine"

Dec 20, 2015 Pakastani newspaper The News cites NPEC Executive Director's testimony to US Congress on the prospects and consequences of a civil nuclear cooperation deal with Pakistan in "A Faustian Nuclear Bargain"

Oct 20, 2015 NPEC executive director quoted by Bloomberg in "Nuclear Climate Solution Is Cheaper Than Coal, IAEA Says"

Oct 16, 2015 The Wall Street Journal cites NPEC's executive director in "U.S., Pakistan Discuss Nuclear Weapons Program"

Oct 13, 2015 The Asahi Shimbun cites letter to DOE signed by NPEC Executive Director in "Obama adviser raises concerns about Japan's plutonium stockpile."

Sep 09, 2015 Washington Post's Steven Mufson cites letter to DOE signed by NPEC Executive Director in "Energy secretary is urged to end U.S. nuclear fuel program at Savannah River"

Jul 24, 2015 The John Batchelor Show interviews NPEC Executive Director about new book, Underestimated: Our Not So Peaceful Nuclear Future

Jul 19, 2015 Associated Press cites NPEC's executive director in "China's record under scrutiny as congress weighs nuclear energy deal." 

Jul 17, 2015 NPEC executive director interviewed by Voice of America in "Concern triggered by the US Nuclear Agreement." 

Jul 14, 2015 NPEC Executive Director quoted by Christian Science Monitor in "Iran deal: Is it a 'pleasant surprise' or a centrifuge too far?"

Jul 04, 2015 Chang Jae-Soon of Yonhap News Agency cites NPEC Executive Director in "Deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons won't strengthen Korea-U.S. ties: nonproliferation expert

May 26, 2015 NPEC's Advisor, Victor Gilinsky, cited by Bloomberg in "Israel Thanks Obama for Keeping Its Nuclear 'Secret'"

May 22, 2015 The Weekly Standard interviews NPEC's Executive Director in "Must Reading"

May 20, 2015 CBS News cites NPEC's Executive Director in "What was on Bin Laden's bookshelf?"

May 20, 2015 NPEC's Executive Director interviewed by Bloomberg in "Israel Fears Obama Will Stop Hiding Its Nuclear 'Secret'"

May 13, 2015 NPEC's Executive Director quoted by The Washington Free Beacon in "Senators Say China Diverted U.S. Nuclear Technology to Submarines in Violation of '85 Accord"

May 12, 2015 Voice of America cites NPEC's Executive Director in "US Lawmakers Assess China Nuclear Cooperation Deal"

May 10, 2015 The Washington Post's Steven Mufson quotes NPEC's Executive Director in "Obama’s quiet nuclear deal with China raises proliferation concerns"

Apr 22, 2015 Chang Jae-soon of Yonhap News Agency quotes NPEC's executive director in "New Korea-U.S. nuclear accord marks transition from 'imbalanced relationship'"

Apr 16, 2015  NPEC's Executive Director quoted by the Wall Street Journal in "Iran's Nuclear Bazaar: China and Russia agree to help build five new reactors"

Apr 15, 2015 Marie Cabural of ValueWalk cites NPEC's Executive Director in "Obama Concealed N. Korea's Rocket Part Shipments To Iran"

Apr 05, 2015 The Christian Science Monitor's Howard LaFranchi quotes NPEC's Executive Director in "How Iran deal could help head off a future nuclear crisis"

Mar 03, 2015 NPEC's Executive Director quoted by The Christian Science Monitor's Howard LaFranchi in "Netanyahu speech on Iran: Did it put Obama on the back foot?"

Mar 03, 2015 The Boston Globe's Bryan Bender quotes NPEC's Executive Director in "Netanyahu implores Congress on Iran"

Feb 01, 2015 Bloomberg's Jonathan Tirone quotes NPEC's Executive Director in "EU Said to Bow to U.S. Resistance on Nuclear Safety Fixes"

Jan 14, 2015 NPEC's Executive Director  interviewed by Trend News Agency in "Iran's nuclear talks: One demand must give into the other"

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