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Nov 03, 2010 IAEA Showcases NPEC Assessment of IAEA Safeguards
At the request of the IAEA’s department of safeguards, NPEC’s Executive Director spoke at the IAEA’s annual international nuclear safeguards conference in Vienna, November 3, 2010  on what more the IAEA must do to accomplish its nuclear safeguards mission. 
Oct 02, 2010 Challenging the Myths: A Transatlantic Debate on Nuclear Power and the Civil-Military Dilemma
The "Challenging Myths" debate held at the Center for Strategic and International Studies with the Heinrich Böll Foundation brought together international experts, including the Executive Director of NPEC, to discuss the proliferation of "peaceful" nuclear energy and the ramifications.
Audio & Video
Sep 14, 2010 Study Overturns Popular View that French Nuclear Program is a Model for the U.S.
Mark Cooper, the Vermont Law School Institute’s senior research fellow for economic analysis, explains how the French approach advocated by some is a failed model and why U.S. wind and solar industries would suffer if the U.S. embraced such a standard.
Working Papers & Monographs
May 17, 2010 Sir Quinlan: Nuclear Zealot for Moderation
NPEC's Executive Director reviews the final book by the late British statesman and nuclear weapons theorist Sir Michael Quinlan, Thinking about Nuclear Weapons: Principles, Problems, Prospects, for the U.S. Naval War College Review.
Dec 14, 2009 New Nuclear - The Economics Say No
CITIGroup’s latest financial analysis of building more nuclear power plants in the UK concludes that without massive, new government financial incentives and guarantees, the economics say no.
Nov 09, 2009 NATO Assembly Adopts NPEC's Recommendations on IAEA Safeguards
A new report released at NATO's Parliamentary Assembly's 2009 Annual Meeting commends NPEC for its suggestions to improve the IAEA's inspections capacity. See section 101 of the committee report.
Official Docs & Letters
Sep 11, 2009 NPEC Rates Risks of Pushing Nuclear Power and Disarmament at Greens Conference
NPEC's Executive Director answered questions on the relationship between the potential for nuclear weapons proliferation that comes with the spread of nuclear energy and the inherent risks of going to zero as part of a panel at a conference put on by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin. See the Q&A here. Video of his presentation is below, with Panel Q& A following.
Jun 01, 2009 Ambassador Ford on Nuclear Rights and Wrongs
NPEC releases, "Nuclear Technology Rights and Wrongs: The NPT, Article IV, and Nonproliferation", a chapter by Christopher Ford for NPEC's book Reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Ambassador Ford, who previously served as the United States Special Representative for Nuclear Nonproliferation, is director of the Hudson Institute's Center for Technology and Global Security.
Mar 02, 2009 European Challenges to Promoting International Pooling and Compensation for Nuclear Reactor Accidents
Simon Carroll, an independent consultant, writes the first draft of a paper on the obstacles facing Europe concerning nuclear liability and compensation.
Dec 15, 2008 Nuclear Power in France: Beyond the Myth
Working Papers & Monographs
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