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Dec 10, 2010 The Weekly Standard, "Russian Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Deal: Prelude to Controversy"
In this blog posting for The Weekly Standard, NPEC's executive director comments on continued debate and controversy over civilian Russian-U.S. nuclear cooperation could be just around corner.
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Nov 01, 2010 The Untapped Potential of the NPT
In "The Untapped Potential of the NPT" published by the New Atlantis, NPEC executive director, Henry Sokolski, discusses the need to reinterpret certain articles of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in order to maintain the spirit of nuclear weapons nonproliferation. 
Aug 26, 2010 NPEC Releases "Asia Drivers of Russian Nuclear Force Structure"
In a major, fresh analysis of the Russian military literature, Dr. Jacob Kipp, former Deputy Director, US Army School of Advanced Military Studies, argues that how Russia chooses to cope with the strategic challenges China poses, rather than any developments regarding NATO, the Balkans, or Central Asia, will shape the kinds of theater and strategic military capabilities Russia will develop or agree to restrain.
Working Papers
Jul 22, 2010 Council on Foreign Relations, "Debating the New START Treaty"
The Council on Foreign Relations has published a debate on the New START Treaty in which NPEC's executive director argues that unless more details from the negotations between U.S. and Russian officials are known, it will remain difficult to determine if New START is beneficial.
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Jul 19, 2010 National Review Online, "New START: Trust but Clarify"
In a blog posting for the National Review Online, NPEC's executive director argues that critics of the New START treaty need to get on with the business of identifying the key amendments, reservations, understandings, and declarations, if any, they think the Senate should consider while its supporters need to stop pushing for instant ratification and allow access to information that both sides need to understand the treaty's full implications.
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Jul 18, 2010 Heritage Hosts NPEC Lecture: "Will Obama's Arms Control Agenda Stop with New START?"
NPEC's executive director explains why rushing to ratify the New START Treaty would forgo a critical opportunity to draw the administration out on what America's arms control agenda and strategic weapons policies are and to advise the White House on what they ought to be. The video of this Heritage-hosted lecture can be viewed here. Global Security Newswire covered the event and focused on the obstacles that the U.S. faces in reaching more arms control agreements with Russia.
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May 09, 2010 Obama Administration Resubmits Russian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement to Congress
On May 10, 2010, President Obama notified the Secretaries of State and Energy that he had resubmitted the nuclear cooperation agreement to Congress that President George W. Bush had signed with Russia in 2008 but suspended after its invasion of Georgia. Articles in the New York Times and Global Security Newswire cover the White House's latest move to gain Russian support on Iranian sanctions.
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May 07, 2010 NPEC Urges White House to Ensure Russia Stops Supporting Iran's Weapons Program
NPEC's executive director, Henry Sokolski, who serves as board member of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) was quoted in a UANI press release warning the White House not to submit the nuclear cooperative agreement to the Hill until it can ensure Russia is out of the business of helping Iran's nuclear weapon related programs.
Official Docs & Letters
Apr 05, 2010 Council on Foreign Relations Interviews NPEC on Obama's Nuclear Plans
In an interview with the Council on Foreign Relations, NPEC's executive director discusses the prospects for START and CTBT ratification and other elements of President Obama's nuclear nonproliferation policy.
Jan 25, 2010 National Review Online, "Stop Rushing START: How to fight nuclear proliferation without waiting on Moscow."
NPEC's executive director explains how to fight nuclear proliferation without waiting on Moscow in an op-ed in National Review Online.
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