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Asia, Pacific Rim
Jun 01, 2001 The Asian Wall Street Journal, "Enforce Pyongyang's Nuclear Pledge."
This op-ed for The Asian Wall Street Journal on the need for North Korea to maintain strict compliance with its nuclear and missile agreements is no longer available on their website.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Mar 31, 2001 Neglected Steps: The Agreed Framework's Nonproliferation and Nuclear Safety Provisions
At the conference "Korea Policy Challenges for the New Administration", sponsored by AEI-NPEC,  Trip Report of Discussions Held in Japan and South Korea February 27 – March 2, 2001 on the US-DPRK Agreed Framework
Jan 29, 2001 Proliferation Resistance and Safety Concerns Over North Korean LWRs
A letter to Mr. Desaix Anderson, Executive Director of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization from NPEC Executive Director Henry Sokolski.
Official Docs & Letters
Dec 27, 2000 The Asian Wall Street Journal, "Security Dilemma: Don't Let North Korea Do It Again."
An op-ed for The Asian Wall Street Journal on U.S. missile policy towards North Korea by Victor Gilinsky and Henry Sokolski is no longer available on their website.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Nov 13, 2000 NPEC Media Release, Letter to the NRC: Nuclear Exports to North Korea
NPEC asks the NRC to seek public comment on nuclear exports to North Korea.
Official Docs & Letters; Press Releases
Oct 29, 2000 The Washington Post, "This is No Way to Curb the North Korean Threat."
This op-ed for The Washington Post on possible comprimises between the United States and North Korea in order to restrain the latter's missile tests is no longer available on their website.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Jul 31, 2000 North Korea's Strategy
This paper was presented by Stephen Bradner at the third NPEC/Institute for National Security Studies/Army War College sponsored workshop on Competitive Strategies, held June 12-14, 2000 at the Hyatt, Arlington, VA. Mr. Brader is Special Advisor to the CINC of the UN Command in Korea.
Jun 07, 2000 Training North Korean Nuclear Regulators
A letter to Richard Meserve, chairman U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, from NPEC Executive Director Henry Sokolski.
Official Docs & Letters
Nov 01, 1999 Defense News, "Towards a Post-Test Ban Treaty."
An op-ed for Defense News on the U.S. Congressional views towards the recent international nuclear test ban treaty.
Op-Eds & Blogs
May 17, 1999 The Weekly Standard, "Chinese Takeout."
This article on Chinese theft of U.S. strategic technology for The Weekly Standard is available to subscribers on their website.
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