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Greater Middle East & Africa
Mar 11, 2004 Preliminary Policy Recommendations
An interim report of NPEC´s working group on Iran.
Working Papers & Monographs
Mar 04, 2004 Deter and Contain: Dealing with a Nuclear Iran
Working Papers & Monographs
Jan 26, 2004 The Weekly Standard, "The Qaddafi Precedent: Now that Libya's disarming, who's next?"
The Weekly Standard publishes an op-ed by NPEC's Executive Director Henry Sokolski entitled "The Qaddafi Precedent: Now that Libya's disarming, who's next?"
Jan 22, 2004 National Review Online, "That Iranian Nuclear Headache: The IAEA's key role."
National Review publishes "That Iranian Nuclear Headache: The IAEA's key role," an op-ed by NPEC Executive Director Henry Sokolski.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Dec 23, 2003 The Asian Wall Street Journal, "Reinvest the Libyan Peace Dividend Locally."
This op-ed for the The Asian Wall Street Journal is nolonger available on their website.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Nov 12, 2003 Checking Iran´s Nuclear Ambitions
Oct 23, 2003 The Wall Street Journal Online, "For Now, One Cheer."
An op-ed for Wall Street Journal Online is nolonger available on their website.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Sep 29, 2003 The Weekly Standard, "Stopping the Iran Bomb: It is time to go to the U.N. Security Council."
Henry Sokolski's article for The Weekly Standard is also available for subscribers on their website.
Jun 04, 2003 U.S. Nonproliferation Policy After Iraq: Toward Enforceable Rules
Testimony of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center executive director, Henry Sokolski, presented before The House International Relations Committee.
Testimony & Transcripts
May 15, 2003 Iran: Breaking Out Without Quite Breaking the Rules
An NPEC analysis of Iran"s nuclear capabilities.
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