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Feb 09, 2018 Understanding the US-Saudi Nuclear Cooperation Controversy
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry seems to be in a rush to strike  formal US 123 nuclear cooperative agreement with Saudi Arabia that would be "flexible" on the question of whether or not Riyadh could enrich uranium or separate plutonium from spent reactor fuel -- the same nuclear activities that the world is rightly worried Iran might use in several years to make bombs under the provisions of the current Iran nuclear deal. None of this will help “fix” the Iran nuclear deal’s allowance for Tehran to enrich and reprocess in several years. Instead, it will only signal to the Gulf States and the world that Washington is not that concerned about preventing the spread of the most dangerous nuclear weapons-related technologies in the most dangerous region of the world. The House and Senate should ask questions and hold hearings to shape these negotiations well before they produce any final text whose terms we might later regret.
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Feb 08, 2018 Is a US 123 with Saudi Arabia Necessary?
Memo questioning the need for a US 123 nuclear cooperative agreement with Saudi Arabia.
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Feb 05, 2018 A Poorly Negotiated Saudi Nuclear Deal Could Damage Future Regional Relationships
NPEC Executive Director Henry Sokolski and NPEC Board Member William Tobey publish a new op-ed in The National Interest, "A Poorly Negotiated Saudi Nuclear Deal Could Damage Future Regional Relationships," about the dangers of a lax nuclear cooperative agreement with Saudi Arabia. 
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Jan 07, 2018 Reactors for Saudi Arabia Are Bad Business and Dangerous Diplomacy
NPEC's Executive Director and Board Advisor publish a new op-ed in The Hill, "Reactors for Saudi Arabia are bad business and dangerous diplomacy," about U.S. plans to sign a nuclear umbrella agreement with Saudi Arabia as the first step toward selling the country nuclear power reactors.
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Dec 10, 2017 How to Stop Iran's Missile Program
NPEC Executive Director and NPEC Board Member pubish a new piece in the National Interest, "How to Stop Iran's Missile Program," about multilateral options to place limits on the Iranian missile program. 
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Nov 16, 2017 Exporting Power Reactors: No Way to Fight Proliferation
In an article published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, "Exporting Power Reactors: No Way to Fight Proliferation," NPEC Executive Director Henry Sokolski and NPEC Program Advisor Victor Gilinsky explain the problems with the argument that the U.S. government must subsidize nuclear power reactor construction abroad in order to promote nonproliferation. 
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Oct 12, 2017 John Batchelor Show Interview on Decertification of the Iran Deal and the Case for a Follow-On Agreement
John Batchelor and Gordon Chang interview NPEC's Executive Director on the possible decertification of the Iran Deal and the case for a follow-on agreement.
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Sep 27, 2017 John Lauder Lecture at UT Austin: Monitoring Nuclear Agreements with Iran and North Korea
In September 2017, John Lauder gave a talk on nuclear agreements with Iran and North Korea at UT Austin through NPEC's Speakers' Consortia series.
Audio & Video
Jan 04, 2017 The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Posts "The Real German Submarine Scandal"
NPEC's Program Adviser clarifies how loopholes in the NPT are being exploited by Germany and others to get nonweapon states like Israel the means to deliver nuclear weapons in piece entitled, "The Real German Submarine Scandal." 
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Sep 14, 2016 Is America's Silence on Israel's Nuclear Ambiguity About to End?
On September 14, 2016, published an article by NPEC's Program Adviser that explains why the U.S. policy of denying that Israel has the bomb may change. 
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