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May 26, 2010 National Review Online: "Energy Pork: What Our Troops Are Fighting For?"
As the House prepares to vote on a War Supplemental Bill, NPEC's executive director writes on the National Review Online that a deal between the White House and the Congressional leadership has ensured a $19 billion serving of commercial energy pork is tucked away in its pages.
Op-Eds & Blogs
May 06, 2010 Keeping U.S. International Nuclear Cooperation Peaceful
NPEC's executive director makes recommendations on how to revise the Atomic Energy Act for future agreements in his testimony, "Keeping U.S. International Nuclear Cooperation Peaceful".  This testimony was made before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade on May 6, 2010, for coverage check out this dispatch from the Global Security Newswire. Watch the video here or read the transcript here.
Testimony & Transcripts
Apr 26, 2010 Council on Foreign Relations Publishes NPEC's Critique of America's Current Arms Control Strategy
The Council on Foreign Relations has released a report it commissioned NPEC's Executive Director to write, "Controlling the Further Spread of Nuclear Weapons", where he argues that the present U.S. approach to arms control overreaches, and that policymakers should include measures that can gain bipartisan support in Congress and do not rely on the legal consent of other states.
Apr 22, 2010 The NPT's Untapped Potential to Prevent Proliferation
NPEC releases the introduction to its forthcoming book, "Reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty", which discusses the NPT's untapped potential to prevent proliferation, published by the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute.
Working Papers & Monographs
Apr 20, 2010 NPEC's Executive Director Testifies against Obama's Proposed Nuclear Loan Guarantees
In testimony before the House Domestic Policy Subcommittee April 20, 2010, NPEC's executive director concludes that  federal loan guarantees for new nuclear power plants are a bad idea based on the findings contained in NPEC's two-year project, "Civilian Nuclear Energy in an Unstable, Carbon-Constrained World", he recommends relying more on the market to promote an optimal mix of energy types.
Testimony & Transcripts
Apr 19, 2010 Testimony of Peter A. Bradford Before the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee
Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission member and present NPEC advisory board member Peter Bradford testified before the House Subcommittee for Domestic Policy in a hearing on federal loan guarantees for nuclear power and argued that it represents a risky bet for tax payers that will likely to hurt rather than help efforts to combat climate change.
Testimony & Transcripts
Apr 15, 2010 18 NPEC Policy Recommendations Adopted by Final Report of the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism
The Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism unanimously adopted 18 of NPEC’s recommendations in four areas of policy—(i) U.S. nuclear policy, (ii) IAEA and international nuclear safeguards reform, (iii) implementation of the U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperative Agreement and the prevention of arms races in Asia, and (iv) strengthening the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). The attached document describes these recommendations in detail.
Official Docs & Letters
Apr 12, 2010 National Review Online, "Puffing Up the Nuclear Summit: What's Being Ignored."
A new blog posting, "Puffing Up the Nuclear Summit: What's Being Ignored" in the National Review Online by NPEC's executive director argues that while the Obama administration focuses on nuclear security at its summit the production of more dangerous fissile materials is not getting its dues.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Apr 12, 2010 PBS NewsHour Interviews NPEC on Nuclear Security Summit
PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown interviewed NPEC's executive director in a segment on the Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington, where at the close of the piece he raised the likelihood that there will be limits on the amount of information nations will be willing to provide each other on internal nuclear security practices.
Interviews; Audio & Video
Apr 05, 2010 Council on Foreign Relations Interviews NPEC on Obama's Nuclear Plans
In an interview with the Council on Foreign Relations, NPEC's Executive Director discusses the prospects for START and CTBT ratification and other elements of President Obama's nuclear nonproliferation policy.
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