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Dec 02, 2009 World at Risk: The Report of the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism
The report of the congressionally mandated Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism, co-chaired by former Senators Bob Graham (D-FL) and Jim Talent (R-MO) and authored by Graham Allison, Robin Cleveland, Steve Rademaker, Tim Roemer, Wendy Sherman, NPEC executive director Henry Sokolski, and Rich Verma.
Official Docs & Letters
Nov 09, 2009 NATO Assembly Adopts NPEC's Recommendations on IAEA Safeguards
A new report released at NATO's Parliamentary Assembly's 2009 Annual Meeting commends NPEC for its suggestions to improve the IAEA's inspections capacity. See section 101 of the committee report.
Official Docs & Letters
Nov 05, 2009 Nuclear Weapons that Went to War (NWTWTW)
(DNA-TR-96-25, draft final report sponsored by the U.S. Defense Special Weapons Agency and Science Applications International Corp., October 1996, unclassified.) NPEC research fellow Robert Zarate wrote a brief summary of this study on the Arms Control Wonk weblog
Official Docs & Letters
Oct 21, 2009 Congressional WMD Commission Progress Report Pushes NPEC Nuclear Recommendations
The Congressionally mandated Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction in its first assessment of the Obama Administration urged the White House and Congress to act on four nuclear recommendations made by the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC). 
Press Releases
Sep 25, 2009 NPEC's Executive Director on C-SPAN
NPEC's executive director was interviewed on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" on Obama's push for new disarmament and nonproliferation policies at the UN. President Obama spoke at the United Nations on Thursday as part of an effort to slow the spread of nuclear weapons and reduce global stockpiles. Henry Sokolski discusses both the Administration's & U.N.’s efforts and its approach to Iran.
Interviews; Audio & Video
Sep 25, 2009 National Journal, "Obama's Missile Defense Plan: Smart or Surrender?"
In the aftermath of Mr. Obama's decision to terminate the radar and 10 interceptor deployments in Poland NPEC's executive director tackles the question of whether he has caved to Russia for a less than optimal system in an expert blog entry written for the National Journal's national security blog.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Sep 24, 2009 Debate on Obama's Nuclear Policy Shift on NPR's "To The Point"
NPEC's executive director was on To the Point on National Public Radio in a discussion on "A New Thrust against Nuclear Weapons" with Colum Lynch of the Washington Post, Daryl Kimball of the Arms Control Association and James Kitfield of the National Journal.
Audio & Video
Sep 23, 2009 National Review Online, "Obama's Misguided Nuclear Triad: There are far better plans for arms control than the one Obama is pushing."
The National Review Online publishes an op-ed by NPEC's executive director "Obama's Misguided Nuclear Triad" on the president's draft resolution that he will submit September 24th at the UNSC summit on nuclear nonprolifeation and disarmament.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Aug 24, 2009 Atlantic Community, "Atoms for Peace: The Wrong Way to Zero
NPEC executive director Henry Sokolski looks at the dangers inherent in new programs that promote the use of nuclear power in often unstable areas of the developing world in a new piece for The Atlantic Community; "Atoms for Peace: The Wrong Way to Zero"
Op-Eds & Blogs
Aug 21, 2009 National Review Online, "Cap and Bribe: Obama Offers Handouts in Return for Republican Votes."
In a new piece for the National Review Online, NPEC's executive director details White House efforts to buy Senate Republican votes for proposed cap and trade legislation with nuclear subsidies. Click here for "Cap and Bribe".
Op-Eds & Blogs
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