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Nov 07, 2011 Henry Sokolski's, "Making Sense of Fukushima," Published in the APEC CEO Summit Magazine 2011
This article was featured in the APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) CEO Summit Magazine 2011, a publication distributed at the Summit, which brought together top Asia-Pacific CEOs, business figures, and leaders of the APEC economies.
Jul 01, 2011 NPEC's Executive Director in the New Atlantis: Unleashing the Nuclear Watchdog
In the New Atlantis, NPEC's Executive Director argues that conflicts within and among the IAEA's various missions, including its “safeguarding” mission, threaten to undermine its ability to detect potential military nuclear diversions in a timely fashion. 
May 15, 2011 Newsweek Publishes NPEC's Executive Director's Review of the Book "Nuclear Man: El Baradei's Age of Self-deception."
In Newsweek, NPEC's Executive Director reviews the book "Nuclear Man: El Baradei's Age of Self-Deception."
Aug 11, 2010 National Review Online, "America's Nuclear Vietnam, The Obama administration has botched its atomic negotiations with Hanoi."
In a new National Review Online piece, "America's Nuclear Vietnam," NPEC's Executive Director argues that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's endorsement of a nuclear deal with Vietnam suggests that the Obama Administration is backing off U.S. efforts to get states that lack nuclear weapons to foreswear making nuclear fuel -- a process that could bring them within weeks or months of acquiring nuclear weapons.
Aug 05, 2010 National Review Online, "Nuclear Nonproliferation Games: America is acting like a nuclear chump. We don't need to."
In a National Review Online posting, NPEC's executive director argues that the U.S. needs to condition foreign firms access to the U.S. market and nuclear business upon their willingness to support its nonproliferation goals.
Aug 04, 2010 NPEC Clarifies Connection Between Nuclear Power Economics and Proliferation
The Policy Review publishes "The High and Hidden Costs of Nuclear Power" in which NPEC's executive director draws connections between nuclear power economics and proliferation. For a more detailed analysis of this subject, see Nuclear Power, Energy Markets, and Proliferation."
Jul 08, 2010 Missiles for Peace
In "Missiles for Peace" published by Armed Forces Journal, NPEC's Executive Director, Henry Sokolski explains why the U.S. needs to pursue a dual track policy of deploying a significant number of long-range conventional ground based missiles while offering to expand and update existing limits on such weapons.
Jun 28, 2010 Off and Running: The Middle East Nuclear Arms Race
Richard L. Russell details the growing nuclear aspirations of a number of Middle Eastern states in a National Defense University's Joint Forces Quarterly article that reflects research he did for NPEC.
May 17, 2010 Sir Quinlan: Nuclear Zealot for Moderation
NPEC's Executive Director reviews the final book by the late British statesman and nuclear weapons theorist Sir Michael Quinlan, Thinking about Nuclear Weapons: Principles, Problems, Prospects, for the U.S. Naval War College Review.
Apr 26, 2010 Council on Foreign Relations Publishes NPEC's Critique of America's Current Arms Control Strategy
The Council on Foreign Relations has released a report it commissioned NPEC's Executive Director to write, "Controlling the Further Spread of Nuclear Weapons", where he argues that the present U.S. approach to arms control overreaches, and that policymakers should include measures that can gain bipartisan support in Congress and do not rely on the legal consent of other states.
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