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Jan 22, 2007 First Lady of Intelligence: Roberta Wohlstetter, 1912-2007
Mr. Zarate's article on the historical influence of Roberta Wohlstetter appeared in the January 22, 2007 issue of The Weekly Standard's and is available on their website.
Jan 09, 2007 The Wall Street Journal, "Roberta Wohlstetter, Codebreaker (1912-2007)."
The tribute is also available to subscriber on The Wall Street Journal website. Mrs. Wohlstetter, a Medal of Freedom strategist and Bancroft Prize-winning historian, was also a member of NPEC"s Board of Advisors.
Nov 15, 2006 The New Atlantis, "Too Speculative? Getting Serious About Nuclear Terrorism."
Mr. Sokolski's article on the possibility of terrorist attacks on nuclear power installations is also available on The New Atlantis' website.
Nov 13, 2006 Can We Track Source Materials Better...Do We Need To?
Mr. Edlow, president of Edlow International, presented this essay before Assessing the IAEA's Ability to Safeguard Peaceful Nuclear Energy, a conference held in Paris, France, and hosted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Fondation pour la Recherche Strat'gique, and the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center. Part of NPEC's publication Falling Behind: International Scrutiny of the Peaceful Atom.
Oct 23, 2006 The Weekly Standard, "Disarming the Mullahs: There are things we can do that would limit their options."
Mr. Sokolski's article on U.S. approaches toward preventing a nuclear-armed Iran appeared in the October 23rd issue of The Weekly Standard.
Sep 30, 2006 Yale Law School's Opening Argument, "Stop Subsidizing Nuclear Power: Start Enforcing Nuclear Rules."
Mr. Sokolski's article on the dangers of loopholes in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is no longer available on Yale Law School's Opening Argument website.
Aug 31, 2006 Treat North Korea as a Nuclear Proliferator
Mr. Sokolski's article on U.S.-allied approaches to nuclear agreements is also available on Global Asia"s website
May 03, 2006 Negative Reaction
Henry Sokolski's article on the U.S. approach towards a nuclear agreement with India was published on May 4th in the Armed Forces Journal.
Dec 19, 2005 The Weekly Standard, "A Slow Pearl Harbor"
James Johnson's and Robert Zarate's article on Roberta Wohlstetter's concept of incremental changes that eventually add up to disaster also appears on The Weekly Standard's website.
Jun 19, 2005 San Diego Union-Tribune, "Stopping Proliferation: Getting Prepared for a Nuclear-Ready Iran."
The San Diego Union-Tribune publishes an article by NPEC's Executive Director Henry Sokolski entitled "Stopping Proliferation: Getting Prepared for a Nuclear-Ready Iran."
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