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Keep up with nuclear news in the Middle East through NPEC’s translations of Arabic material. 

Nov 06, 2018 What We Know About the Multi-Purpose Saudi Nuclear Research Reactor
An article from the Saudi-led Sabq News provides details on the Saudi nuclear research reactor now under construction.
Jun 06, 2018 Gulf Papers Report US Government Blocking Nuclear Energy in Saudi Arabia
In May 2018, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and stated that the US was asking Saudi Arabia to forswear enriching uranium and reprocessing plutonium in order to sign a civilian nuclear cooperative agreement with the US. While forgoing these two activities would still allow Saudi Arabia to develop nuclear energy, multiple Arabic newspapers based in the Persian Gulf have reported that this development means that Saudi Arabia will no longer achieve its "nuclear dream."
Feb 26, 2018 American Enterprise Institute: Do Not Allow the Saudi Regime to Produce Nuclear Energy
An article from a Qatari news site reports on an American Enterprise Institute article calling for a 123 agreement with any nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia. The Arabic article, however, claims that AEI is against the US making a nuclear energy deal with Saudi Arabia under any circumstances. 
Feb 25, 2018 Adventures of the Reckless: Iran Pushes Mohammad bin Salman Toward a Foolhardy Nuclear Arms Race
In this article from the Pan-Arab newspaper The News Lens, Egyptian writer Mutaz Ashraf criticizes the "recklessness" of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's quest for nuclear power and, potentially, a nuclear bomb.
Jan 11, 2018 The Egyptian Nuclear Program: Israeli Concerns
In this article from "Akhbarek," an Egyptian news site, Egyptian officials dismis Israeli worries that Egypt's nuclear power program is a front for bombs. They claim that there can be no weapons-grade plutonium from light water reactors and that Egyptian intentions are clearly peaceful and only related to energy needs.
Dec 12, 2017 Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Infographic
This infographic about the Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt comes from a Gulf news magazine called "Akhbar As-Sah". Although it is not one of the most prominent Arabic news sites, this is the one of the first Arabic sites to post anything criticizing Egypt's nuclear plans. The infographic points out that this plan involves a Russian loan that will take 22 years to pay off, and it brings up issues that are yet to be resolved, such as the fate of nuclear waste, consequences of damage to the plant, Egypt's supposed need for an energy surplus, and Egypt's ability to pay off this loan if interest rates rise.
Nov 15, 2017 Signing Contract on Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Expected within 45 Days
Dr. Amgad Alwakeel, head of Egypt's Nuclear Power Plants Authority, says: "Within 7 years of signing, we'll have our first nuclear plant. . . . Security systems for [Egypt's new] reactors provide an unprecedented level of protection against both internal and extrenal factors . . . the outer shell is designed to withstand collision with a large commercial airplane. . . . [Our] strategy aims to clarify how nuclear energy can contribute to economic development and to quell fears about the use of nuclear energy."  
Nov 14, 2017 Iran Supporting Houthis with Mandab 1 Naval Missiles
The Saudi newspaper Al Watan claims that missiles being used by the Houthis are Iranian-made. According to an unnamed Houthi commander, the missiles are broken into parts, smuggled across the border, and reassembled and launched from Yemeni soil. The commander also mentions that Houthis have recieved direct training from Iran and Hezbollah.
Nov 13, 2017 The Earthquake in Iraq: An Iranian Nuclear Test or a Natural Event?
After the earthquake that hit the Iran-Iraq border on November 12, 2017, many Iraqis claim that the quake was the result of a secret underground Iranian nuclear test. Iraqi social media pages have posted articles claiming that the earthquake was caused by a nuclear test, and videos have been posted by those claiming to see a bright light just after the earthquake, which they take to be the sign of a nuclear explosion. 
Nov 05, 2017 Saudi Arabia Intercepts Houthi Ballistic Missile East of Riyadh
Aziz Rashed, a spokesman for the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees for the Houthis, said "Yemeni missiles will be able to hit vital targets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, neither of which will be immune." The Houthi group has threatened to target the depth of Saudi Arabia and the cities from which the Arab Coalition launches its fighter aircraft. Its spokesman said that “Abu Dhabi is a major military target in the coming period.” 
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