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Nuclear Power Economics
What is the relationship between the economics of nuclear power and the proliferation of nuclear weapons? When security and arms control analysts list what has helped keep nuclear weapons technologies from spreading further than they already have, energy economics are rarely, if ever, mentioned. Yet, large civilian nuclear energy programs bring states quite a way towards developing nuclear weapons and it has been energy economics, more than any other force, which has hampered most states’ plans to develop such projects. read more
Mar 10, 2018 China and Taiwan Energy Analyses - Presentations & Drafts
As a part of NPEC's project, "40 Years Hence: Implementing Title V of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978," experts were commissioned to assess the economic and environmental efficacy of alternatives to introducing or expanding nuclear power in a number of developing countries. Below are the energy studies on China and Taiwan. Studies on Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as annalyses of U.S. energy cooperation spending and the feasability of an Energy Peace Corps, program called for in Section 502 of Title V, are also available.
Mar 06, 2018 5 Myths about Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Program
NPEC's Executive Director publishes a new op-ed in The National Interest, "5 Myths about Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Program."
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Feb 08, 2018 Is a US 123 with Saudi Arabia Necessary?
Memo questioning the need for a US 123 nuclear cooperative agreement with Saudi Arabia.
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Jan 07, 2018 Reactors for Saudi Arabia Are Bad Business and Dangerous Diplomacy
NPEC's Executive Director and Board Advisor publish a new op-ed in The Hill, "Reactors for Saudi Arabia are bad business and dangerous diplomacy," about U.S. plans to sign a nuclear umbrella agreement with Saudi Arabia as the first step toward selling the country nuclear power reactors.
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Nov 16, 2017 Exporting Power Reactors: No Way to Fight Proliferation
In an article published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, "Exporting Power Reactors: No Way to Fight Proliferation," NPEC Executive Director Henry Sokolski and NPEC Program Advisor Victor Gilinsky explain the problems with the argument that the U.S. government must subsidize nuclear power reactor construction abroad in order to promote nonproliferation. 
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Oct 23, 2017 Stop Wasting Tax Dollars on Failing Nuclear Projects
The Hill features an opinion peice co-authored by NPEC's Executive Director entitled "Stop Wasting Tax Dollars on Failing Nuclear Projects."
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Oct 02, 2017 What South Korea Doesn't Need: Nuclear Submarines
NPEC's Executive Director and Wohlstetter Public Affairs Fellow publish a new piece in The National Interest, "South Korea is about to Make a $7 Billion Nuclear Submarine Blunder,"  about South Korea's interest in developing extremely expensive nuclear submarines, which also raises nuclear proliferation concerns. 
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Sep 13, 2017 Is America Overprotecting Its Commercial Nuclear Industries?
The National Interest features an article by NPEC's program advisor and executive director entitled "Is America Overprotecting Its Commercial Nuclear Industries?"
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Feb 25, 2016 NPEC's Executive Director Signs Second Letter Urging Department of Energy to Defer Plutonium's Commercial Use
13 former senior energy and national security officials sign a letter to Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Moniz to terminate a costly DOE plutonium fuel fabrication project (known as the mixed oxide or MOX program) designed to make plutonium–based fuels for US power reactors. The letter was featured in an article by Steven Mufson in The Washington Post, "Obama plan to defund Savannah River plutonium conversion plant draws fire." The letter was the second sent to Secretary Moniz, with the first being available to read here.
Official Docs & Letters
Nov 25, 2015 NPEC's Executive Director testifies before the Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission
Prepared testimony of NPEC's Executive Director for the Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission public session "Security and Nonproliferation Risks," on November 25, 2015. For a full list of witnesses and more information about the session click here. This is a preprint of an article whose final and definitive form has been published in The Nonproliferation Review, © 2016 Taylor & Francis; The Nonproliferation Review is available here. 
Testimony & Transcripts
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