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Missiles and Missile Defense
Nov 19, 2009 Washington Times, "From Russia with Disdain."
NPEC's executive director opinion/analysis peice on  in The The Washington Times . Read the Russian Foreign Ministry dispute NPEC's findings about Moscow's involvement in Iran's nuclear program here.
Op-Eds & Blogs
May 26, 2009 Forbes, "Nuclear Blast of Reality: Coping with a Nuclear North Korea."
Forbes publishes "Nuclear Blast Of Reality: Coping with a Nuclear-Armed North Korea" by NPEC executive director Henry Sokolski. Sokolski was quoted in "Estimates of Size of Pyongyang's Nuclear Test Vary" by Eli Lake and Barbara Slavin (Washington Times, May 26, 2009), "Blast by N. Korea Tests U.S. Policy" by Bryan Bender (Boston Globe, May 26, 2009), "Experts: How to Curb N. Korea's Nuclear Ambitions", by Demetri Sevastopulo (Financial Times, May 26 2009), and "Proliferation Challenge Extends Far Beyond North Korea" by Paul Eckert (Reuters, May 26, 2009). Prior to North Korea's missile test in early April 2009, National Review Online published Sokolski's op-ed, "What to Do about Pyongyang: Nuclear Nonproliferation is on the Ropes-Does the U.S. Have the Will to Act?" (April 2, 2009). See also "Creating Instability in Dangerous Global Regions: North Korean Proliferation and Support to Terrorism in the Middle East and South Asia" by Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr., professor of international relations at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College in Quantico, Virginia (April 2009). Posted with the permission of the author.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Feb 08, 2006 India's ICBM: On a "Glide Path" to Trouble?
Working Papers
Sep 27, 2004 The Wall Street Journal, "It's Almost Too Late to Stop Iran."
The Wall Street Journal features an article by NPEC's executive director Henry Sokolski entitled "It's Almost Too Late to Stop Iran."
Op-Eds & Blogs
Jun 30, 2003 International Missile Defense Cooperation and the MTCR
To be included in forthcoming edited Volume "Taming the Next Set of Strategic Weapons Threats." Presented to the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center by by Mitch Kugler.
Working Papers
Sep 09, 2002 Missile Nonproliferation and Missile Defense
The Heritage Foundation published an article by NPEC's executive director Henry Sokolski entitled "Missile Nonproliferation and Missile Defense."
Op-Eds & Blogs
Jul 13, 1999 "Bringing Our Campaign Against Russian-Iranian Rocket Cooperation Back To Earth"
Henry Sokolski's testimony presented before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics. At a hearing on H.R. 1883, Iran Nonprolifearation Act of 1999.
Testimony & Transcripts
Sep 17, 1998 Dangerous Satellite Technology Transfers: Launching a Solution
Henry Sokolski's testimony presented before Senate COmmittee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on China Missiles and Satellite Transfers. At a hearing on China Missile and Satellite Transfers.
Testimony & Transcripts
Jul 07, 1998 U.S. Satellite Transfers to China: Addressing the Latest Contentions
Jun 17, 1998 U.S. Satellite Technology Transfers To China: What's At Issue, Questions & Answers
Henry Sokolski's testimony presented before a joint hering on the House International Relations Committee and the House National Security Committee.
Testimony & Transcripts
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