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The Nonproliferation Regime

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons or Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) represents three basic bargains. The first is encapsulated in Articles One and Two of the treaty. They prohibit states with nuclear weapons from transferring them or the means to make them to states that lack nuclear weapons, and ban nonweapons states from acquiring them. The second NPT bargain is set forth in Articles Three, Four, and Six. These articles stipulate that the nuclear weapons states will negotiate in good faith to disarm and will share the benefits of peaceful nuclear energy with nonweapons states. In exchange, the nonweapons states pledge not to acquire nuclear weapons and to allow international inspections of their civilian nuclear facilities and materials to verify whether non-nuclear weapons states are in compliance with the treaty and are not diverting peaceful nuclear activities or materials to make nuclear weapons.

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Oct 05, 2004 National Review Online, "Kamikaze Kerry: Should We Really Be Accelerating Iran's Nuclear Project?"
National Review Online publishes an article by NPEC's Executive Director Henry Sokolski on U.S. nuclear policy towards Iran and the 2004 Presidential Election entitled "Kamikaze Kerry: Should We Really Be Accelerating Iran's Nuclear Project?"
Op-Eds & Blogs
Sep 21, 2004 National Review Online, "Nuclear Rights and Wrongs: Iran should not be allowed to dictate the terms of the nonproliferation treaty. "
National Review Online publishes an op-ed by NPEC's Executive Director Henry Sokolski on the terms of the nonproliferation treaty with Iran entitled "Nuclear Rights and Wrongs."
Op-Eds & Blogs
Apr 19, 2004 President Bush's Global Nonproliferation Policy: Seven More Proposals
Henry Sokolski details the nuclear nonproliferation policy of the Bush Administration.
Mar 16, 2004 National Review Online, "Proliferation Pass: Stopping China and Pakistan in their nuclear tracks."
This op-ed on U.S. nuclear policy towards Pakistan and China can also be read on the National Review Online website.
Op-Eds & Blogs
Mar 11, 2004 Preliminary Policy Recommendations
An interim report of NPEC´s working group on Iran.
Occasional Papers & Monographs
Feb 16, 2004 The Weekly Standard, "The Wrong Culprit."
The Weekly Standard publishes an op-ed by NPEC's Executive Director Henry Sokolski on the shortcomings of U.S. strategic weapons intelligence with regard to the Iraq War entitled "The Wrong Culprit."
Op-Eds & Blogs
Oct 01, 2003 Policy Review, "Taking Proliferation Seriously"
Henry Sokolski's article on the inadequacy of current nuclear nonproliferation efforts was published for the Policy Review.
Aug 19, 2003 The Wall Street Journal, "Nonproliferation Hinges on North Korea."
An op-ed for The Wall Street Journal on how to best neutralize the North Korean nuclear threat. (also published in The Asian Wall Street Journal 8/18/03)
Op-Eds & Blogs
Jun 23, 2003 The Weekly Standard, "Nukes on the Loose: Time for a New Nonproliferation Regime."
Henry Sokolski's article on the need for a new set of rules regarding nuclear nonproliferation for The Weekly Standard is also available for subscribers on their website.
May 01, 2003 Pyongyang: the Case for Nonproflieration with Teeth
Henry Sokolski's article on potential U.S. approaches toward North Korea's nuclear program for Arms Control Today can also be read on their website.
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