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Missiles, Defenses, and Space
May 10, 2011 Jeff Kueter Analyzes Missile Defense Futures: Appreciating the Role of Defense
Jeff Kueter, president of the George C. Marshall Institute presents the importance of investing in missile defense in a world that is inhabited by countries with increasing ballistic missile capabilities.
Occasional Papers & Monographs
Oct 07, 2010 Missiles for Peace: Henry Sokolski on Prompt Global Strike
NPEC's executive director Henry Sokolski discussed missile defense and nuclear threats with an audience at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on prompt global strike in which his article "Missiles for Peace" addresses options for the U.S. to ponder to lessen nuclear threats.
Jul 08, 2010 Former Indian Nuclear Sub Director Makes Case for Limiting Short-range Missiles
Retired Admiral R.N. Ganesh, who led India's nuclear submarine program for several years, has written a new piece for NPEC analyzing the potential development of South Asian nuclear and missile programs and suggests policies China, India and Pakistan should implement to lessen the risk of conflict and the escalation of the regional arms race.
Occasional Papers & Monographs
Feb 24, 2010 Former Pakistani General Urges Short Range Indo Pakistani Ballistic Missile Limits to Avoid War
Retired General Feroz Khan, who ran the Pakistani army's Arms Control and Disarmament Office, authored this essay for NPEC which suggests that the Indian and Pakistani governments should consider eliminating certain types of short range ballistic missiles. This complements a presentation he gave with U.S. government officials present at a private NPEC gathering organized with the U.S. Naval War College.
Occasional Papers & Monographs
Feb 24, 2010 Retired Indian Admiral Calls for the Elimination of Short Range Ballistic Missiles in South Asia
Vice Admiral R.N. Ganesh, formerly Commander in Chief Southern Naval Command, Director General of the Coast Guard, and Director General of India's Nuclear Submarine Project before retiring from the Navy in 2002, gave this presentation on Asian nuclear missile competitions at an NPEC conference in Sydney, Australia hosted by the Lowy Institute.
Dec 09, 2009 U.S. Aerospace Exports: The Case for Further Controls
NPEC's executive director presents testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation & Trade.  Read the transcript here.
Testimony & Transcripts
Nov 19, 2009 Washington Times, "From Russia with Disdain."
Read NPEC's Executive Director's opinion/analysis peice in The Washington Times. Read the Russian Foreign Ministry's dispute of NPEC's findings about Moscow's involvement in Iran's nuclear program here.
Op-Eds & Blogs
May 26, 2009 Forbes, "Nuclear Blast of Reality: Coping with a Nuclear North Korea."
Forbes publishes "Nuclear Blast Of Reality: Coping with a Nuclear-Armed North Korea" by NPEC's Executive Director, Henry Sokolski. 
Feb 08, 2006 India's ICBM: On a "Glide Path" to Trouble?
Occasional Papers & Monographs
Sep 27, 2004 The Wall Street Journal, "It's Almost Too Late to Stop Iran."
The Wall Street Journal features an article by NPEC's Executive Director Henry Sokolski on the U.S. nuclear policy towards Iran entitled "It's Almost Too Late to Stop Iran."
Op-Eds & Blogs
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