China and Taiwan Energy Analyses - Presentations & Papers

As a part of NPEC's project, "40 Years Hence: Implementing Title V of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978," experts were commissioned to assess the economic and environmental efficacy of alternatives to introducing or expanding nuclear power in a number of developing countries. Below are the energy studies on China and Taiwan.

Studies on Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as analyses of U.S. energy cooperation spending and the feasability of an Energy Peace Corps, program called for in Section 502 of Title V, are also available.

Mar 10, 2018


"Meeting China's Future Energy Needs and Environmental Commitments: Is Increasing Nuclear Power the Best Way to Go?"
David Von Hippel, David Von Hippel Analysis and Planning

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Draft Paper (Updated March 2018)


"How Necessary is Nuclear Power to Taiwan's Energy Future?" 
Jessica Drun, Party Watch Initiative
Alexa Lee, Information Technology Industry Council

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"Motivations for Nuclear Programmes in China and Taiwan"
Stephen Thomas, University of Greenwich

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Draft Paper (Updated February 2018)


 "How Necessary is Nuclear Power to Mainland China and Taiwan's Energy Futures?"
Daniel Kammen, University of California, Berkeley

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